Saturday, May 24, 2008

Family Pictures

Our Wedding
Our wedding reception (July 30, 1959).

Our Wedding
Our wedding reception (July 30, 1959).

Me and Chuck
Expecting our first baby, 1959, this is Charles Wayne, I did not mean to confuse my friends.

My oldest son Doug

Our son Douglas Wayne Cloud, born September 24th., 1960.

My youngest son Ron

Second son Ronald Thomas Cloud, born June 10th., 1963.

My mom and dad

My mom and dad, 1942, taken summer before dad was killed in October, 1942.

My Grandfather
Our dog Spotty and Grandpa William Applegate 1944, he passed away the next year 1945.

My Grandmother

My Grandma Mary Elizabeth Crawford, and boyfriend, this is before she met Grandpa.

Me at work and with my car

My 1953 Pontiac and me, also at work, check out the old typewriter.

Minstrel show
Scottie and me, we were in a Minstrel Show 1956, it was a lot of fun, I am the tall one.

My old bowling team
Our bowling team, 1957 Christmas party, Ruth is the highest one in the back.

Our Family
1939 family photo, my mom had to hold on to me, I did not want my picture taken.

Our Family
1940 picture taken with Uncle Floyd, I am on his right.

My cat Beauty
This is Beauty, I took her from a house by school, when she was 6 weeks old.

My Boys

Me with Doug. & Ron, 1970, Ron was just in a parade with his Boy Scout troupe.

My Baby Melody

This is Melody in 1998, she had put on a few pounds, she went to the Bridge at age 16 years old.

Our dog Jake

Jake, my best friend, 1982, when we moved to town he was hit by car, he was 11 years old.

Our Beloved Willow

2007, Willow, my best friend, went to the bridge in 2007, age ii years.

The Sisters

1940, Margaret (on left) and my sister June, at Thompson Park

Doug and Ron

1974, Doug (on left) 16 yrs. and 1979, Ron and he is 16years, my clowms.

My Friends

1957, my friend Ruth, Stan and Bruce, her family.


1952, Marge Nedeau and children, I babysit for her.

Me and my Mom

1940, Margaret (on left) age 7 years, 1918, my mom, we are same age.

My Relatives

My mom and two cousins, my Grandma Applegates brother & sisters.

My Relatives

My Aunt Anna & friend, and Aunt Lotties girl Louise.

Wayne's Mom & Dad

Waynes dad Clifford and friend, and his mother LaVerna.

Jim Ryan and My Sisters June and Stella

On Berg Road--Jim Ryan, my sisters Stella and June, having fun.

Berg Road Friends

On Berg Road again, top, Jim & Margaret, bottom Billy & Stella.

More Relatives

Top left, my mom and a friend, Aunt Anna & Louise, bottom from the left Aunt Anna, Aunt Lotties children, in front Russellittle Marie, back is Louise holding Kate, these are cousins.

The Kids

1940, big guy is cousin Hunter, starting left, Margaret, Stella, June and cousin Joyce.

Mom's Sister

1938, cousins Kate & Florence Ann and their mom & dad, Aunt Lottie & Uncle Harold, my aunt had ten children, and they are in the pictures above, she had two children that died of diptheria.

Me Golfing

Margaret trying to look good.

Dad Golfing

Wayne, loves to practice, looking good.

Ron Golfing

Ron, could make a good golfer someday.

Doug Golfing

Doug, always has good form, he hit the ball farther then anyone that day.


Patty said...

What wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing. I would love to know how your son set this up. Like the little Fox Terrier, we've had several of them, they are smart little dogs, but very yappy. LOL Right now we're dog less. But we have our daughter's big black cat, she started calling Baby Kitty, well he now weighs about 20 pounds, Abe calls him the Black Panther. LOL Again thanks for sharing, I'll come back and look at them again. Almost time to met Granddaughter at the bus stop.

Simply Debbie said...


Yankee Girl ~ Missy said...

I loved all of the photos!

Lilly said...

I really enjoyed all your photos. Loved your car and your wedding phoo was just gorgeous. Your boys are good looking too. Thanks for sharing Margaret.

Pam said...

Wonderful photos. Thank you Margaret. I really enjoy looking at people's clothes and faces and pets. I am sad that your Aunt had two children die of diptheria - but all the children in the photos, including yourself, look very happy.So interesting looking through these.

john said...

Salute for your Dad, my dad is 86 years old now, a retired army.. he went to WW2 too.

Gigi Ann said...

I like looking at old pictures of days gone by. It fun to see how the styles have changed over the years, but how much we are alike in many ways. That was a fun stroll down memory lane.

Margaret Cloud said...

Thank you for viewing my photos, I enjoyed my son, Doug coming over with his scanner and doing this for me, I will be scanning more soon.

ancient one said...

Loved seeing your photos... your sons are about the same age as mine...

Andrea said...

These are great photos!! I love them!! I could look at pictures like this all day long. I love the dresses, and your hair was so curly!! I love it!! Your little dog was too cute.

Linda said...

This is the first time I noticed your photos tab and checked out these wonderful photos! I love them. As I looked through them, I was reminded of my Mom's family as there are some similar photos. My Mom is 79.

Thanks for sharing.

A New Beginning said...

Hey Margaret, just went through the pics..its one nice gallery of beautiful bygone days!Loved it ! Thanks for sharing!

Becky said...

I just discovered your family photos Margaret. I love looking at these. It's wonderful you know who all these folks are too. Some of my older family( photos) whom I never met aren't marked as to who they are.

Katiez Furry Mewz said...

Thanks for sharing all the photos! Wonderful that you were able to preserve these for your family heritage.

Katie Kat

Destiny's child... said...

Such a beautiful trip down memory lane! Loved the pics..makes me want to create a page like this some day :)

Sr Crystal Mary said...

I loved looking at all of these. How life passes by. Lots of memories which are wonderful and yet, sad, because many of them can't be remembered or, some so sad we choose to forget. God Bless you and your family HEAPS!!!!

DeniseinVA said...

Such a joy our old family photos. It has been great looking through yours, thanks Margaret.

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ann said...

Enjoyed seeing these pics all over again.. I came to see Spot with your granddad..

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