Wednesday, April 27, 2011

To My Friends

Hello my blogging friends, I am sorry I have not been posting very much lately. I am having a lot of medical trouble with my husband and it is wearing me out, so be patient with me. I will be coming by and commenting soon, I really love you all, please don't forget me.

love, Margaret

Monday, April 18, 2011

About Candy Bars!

Candy is delicious to eat. But how did some of them get their strange names? Take a peek to find out about the history 0f candy names. With so many candies around, one can have different kind of candy everyday. But you have to know the name of the candies that are available, peek into the history of some of the popular candy bar name.

1. Milk Duds==When the first Milk Duds were made in 1928, the manufacture couldn;t make them round so they decided to call them duds, the milk part comes from the large amount of milk used to make them delicious.
2. Tootsie Rolls==the tootsie roll was invented by Leo Hirshfield in 1896, he named the candy bar after his 5 years old daughter whose name was Tootsie.
3. M &M's==This name comes from the last name of the two founders, Mars and Murrie Snickers. Now the Snickers candy bar was launched in 1930 and was named after the Mars family favorite horse.
4. Hershey's== Hershey milk chocolate was made by Milton Hershey himself., this was made in the 1900s. People considered Hershey's as the first candy of America.
5. Milky Way==Created in 1923 by Frank C, Mars. The name was actually created as a competition to malted milkshakes of that time.
6. Mars Bars manufactured in the UK in 1932 as a sweeter version of the American Milky Way. It was made by Forrest Mars, son of American Frank C. Mars.
7. Baby Ruth==It was unveiled in 1923 by the Curtis Candy Company in Chicago. Well who was it named after is not really known. Is is said after the great baseball player Babe Ruth and others say President Grover Cleveland's daughter Ruth, who really knows.
8. Butterfingers==is another Curtiss Candy Company was introduced in 1923. The company had a contest to name the candy bar. The person that won the contest was Lucky Mr. Nikola Jovanovic and this man chose his nick name "butterfingers" because he was clumsy.

I hope you had fun with this, chocolate is always very delicious and sometimes messy, specially with young children. Happy Easter to all my friends, don't eat too much candy.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Deadline Midnight

What we are watching: Friday, April 8, 2011--Midnight budget deadline approaches. If Congress and the White House cannot reach an agreement by midnight tonight (Friday, April 8, 2011), when the current spending authorization measure expires, parts of the government will close down. That means 800,00 government workers will be furloughed and a range of government services will halt. Congress will force a government shutdown if their plan to reduce our government budget deficit is not reduced for the fiscal year.

My belief in all this choas that is going on in the government, is they are spending too much money out of our country, to name the biggest one is the war. First was the Afghan war and then Bush moved right into Iraq. When a country goes to war with another, who has ever heard of rebuilding their country after you caused all the buildings to crumble. We spend more money on rebuilding these country's, than we do in our own country.

One thing a while back our government stopped unemployment for millions in our country, what are these people going to do to exist. What ever happened to the good thinking people that did run our country, you know the ones that actually cared for us citizens. What is your opinion in this situation.

Let us say a prayer that this does not get out of hand, every problem has some kind of a solution.

NOTE: April 9, 2011. this deadline was averted by Congress. What did they have too loose, just another one of their sully games. What a bunch of children they are and too think our laws are passed by these people. I wonder what other countries thought of this stunt.