Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Multiple Births

I saw this program on TV and thought it very interesting, it was on multiple births. I never knew there were so many different names for the multiple births. My question is why would a women want that many children all at one time. Most of these births run a great risk of the baby's having many birth defects, and the baby's dying. Most multiples are born premature, their little bodies are not quite finished developing. Another thing it is so sad to see those little baby's all hooked up to keep them alive and some of these baby's spend months like this.

Here is a list of the names of multiples birth count===
1=Twins=two baby's
2=Triplets=three baby's
3=Quadruplets=four baby's
4=Quintuplets=five baby's
5=Sextuplets=six baby's
6=Septuplets=seven baby's
7=Octuplets=eight baby's
8=Nonuplets=nine baby's

Most common of the multiples is twins and triplets, there are always chances of complications in any pregnancy but they increase with the amount of baby's in the womb.

1..The Keys quads, born 6-4-1915, all girls lived to adulthood, graduated college, as of 2004 only one was still living.
2. We all know the Dionne quints, born 5-28-34, first quints know to survive infancy. At four months old they were made ward of the King and were put on display to the public until nine years old. Their parents in 1943 gained custody back.
3. The Dilley sextuplets, born in 1993 are the first born in the United States., they were featured on the TLC channel until they were twelve years old, they are now seventeen.
4. The first septuplets were born 15th century to Thomas & Edith Bonham.
5. The Frustaci sextuplets born 5-21-85, they were the first to be born in the United States, only three of the seven survived.
6. The first confirmed octupletes born in Mexico on 3-10-67, all died within 13 hours after being born.
7. The Onuplets born in Australia June 13, 1971, all died within six days after being born.

You may go to Wikipedia and type in "List of multiple births," and read more about these baby's. Can you just imagine how it must of been for women in centuries of not knowing how to deliver the baby's.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Healing Powers of Vinegar

I was reading this article about the healing power of vinegar, something I seldom use. So I thought I would post about it and see what you think. I think I should start using more vinegar.

You have always known that vinegar tasted great on your French fries and made your glassware sparkle, but I bet you didn't know the intense healing powers of this magic liquid.

Vinegar has been a trusted home remedy that our mother, grandmother and their grandmothers have known. It literally can be used from head to toe. Scalp problems such as dandruff, athlete's foot, yeast infections, even headaches are no match for this remedy. It can also be used as a cosmetic to help protect and beautify the skin. In The Healing Powers of Vinegar, author Cal Orey reveals the secret healing powers of red wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar and other natural vinegars.

No single food or supplement can prevent cancer, amazingly however, vinegar is considered a "weapon" against cancer according to scientists at the A.P. John institute for Cancer Research.

New evidence shows that both apple cider and red wine vinegars, which are made from whole apples and red grapes, may help you to==fight fat, enhance your immune system, lower blood pressure, prevent cancer, slow aging process and more.

This doesn't surprise me, I think nature has given us her bounty of fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and roots to help us fight off certain diseases and illness. But do we trust mother nature enough, no, we run to the doctors for pills and shots to heal us. What if and this is a big "if," that all our ills can be treated without medicine, I mean let nature take its course. There are many articles that tell you how to do home remedies and you can go on line to explore every new find for yourself.

I think we should start listening to the people that take time to discover cures that our doctors don't believe in. There is too much money to be made by doctors and pharmacists, so they give pills not cures. We live in an age of miracles and discoveries of all kinds. We have a wonderful computer that can give us the world at your keyboard, use it and see what is going on especially in medicine.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some Facts

Johnny Cash==born 2-26-32 and died 9-12-2003 at the age of 71, of complications from diabetes, just 4 months after his wife Junes death...
In 1980 Cash was the youngest (age 48) living inductee into the "Country Music Hall of Fame"
June Carter Cash==born 6-23-29 and died 5-15-2003 at the age of 73, three days after having a heart valve replacement surgery.
1 - Happy Days==ran from 1974-1984
Tom Bosley ( the dad) born 10-1-27 and died 10-19-2010 at age 83 of heart failure.
Marion Ross (the mother), born 10-25-28 and is now 82.
Ron Howard born 3-1-54 is now 56 and a very fine director..
Erin Moran (the sister) born 10-18-60 and is now 50 years old.
Anson Williams (Potsey) born 9-25-49 and is now 61 years old.
Donny Most (mouth) born 8-8-53. and is now 57.
Henry Winkler (the Fonz) born 10-30-45 and is now 65 years old.
2-. Ozzie & Harriet==ran from 1952-1966
Ozzie (the dad) born 3-20-1906 died in 1975 at the age of 69, of liver cancer.
Harriet (the mom) born 7-18-1909 died in 1994 at age of 85, of heart failure.
Ricky born 5-8-40 and died 12-31-85 at age 45 in a plane crash.
David (the brother) born 10-24-36 and is still alive.
3 - Leave it to Beaver ran from 1957-1963
Jerry Mathers (the Beaver) born 6-2-48 is now 62 and has diabetes.
Paul Sullivan (Beavers brother) born 1943 is now 67 years old.
Barbara Billingsley (the mom) born 2-22-1915 died 10-16-2010 at age 94, died of polymyalgia.
Hugh Beaumont (the dad) born 2-16-1909 died 5-14-82 a heart attack.
4 - Bewitched ran from 1964-1972
Elizabeth Montgomery (played Samantha) born 4-15-33 died 5-18-95 at age 62 of colorectal cancer.
Dick York (1st Darrin) born9-4-28 died 2-20-92 from complications of emphysema.
Dick Sargent (2nd Darrin) born 4-19-30 died 7-8-1994 at age 64 from prostate cancer.
Agnes Moorehead (Samantha's mom) born 12-6-1900 died 4-30-74 of uterine cancer.
These are the little girls that played Tabitha== Cynthia Black in 1966. Heidi & Laura Gentry in 1966, Tamar & Julie in 1966, Diane Murphy from 1966 to 1968, and Diane's twin Erin from 1966-1972.

These lyrics are from a Johnny Cash song, he is my all time favorite singer===
Soon we will come to the end of life's journey, and perhaps we will never meet again. ,if we never meet on this side of heaven, there is another meeting place somewhere in heaven, by the side of the river of life, where separation comes no more , and I will meet you on that beautiful shore, where roses bloom forever.

My next post is going to be some more lyrics, it must be from his songs. Hope you don't mind and please don't think me crazy. I am a very sane person, but I do kooky things now and then, so bear with me, maybe it is the winter doldrums, ha, ha.
Since I have made this post, there has been an update to the Ozzie Nelson family., see below my good friend Patty's comments, she informed me that David Nelson just passed away

Sunday, January 9, 2011


We all have experienced this in our life time, it is weird when it happens. It makes a person wonder if this may be another lifetime we have lived. The most likely explanation of dejavu is not that it is an act of "precognition" or "prophecy," but rather that it is an anomaly of memory, giving the impression that an experience is "being recalled." This explanation is substantiated by the fact that the sense of "recollection" at the time is strong in most cases, but that the circumstances of the "previous" experience (when, where, and how the earlier experience occurred) are quite uncertain. This recollection can be very unsettling and our minds are scrambling to put these events in the right prospective,

Deja vu, meaning "already seen," is the experience of feeling sure that one has already witnessed or experienced current situation, even though the exact circumstances of the previous encounter are uncertain. The term was coined by a French psychic researcher, Emile Boirac (1851-1917) in his book L'Avenir des sciences psychiques (The Future of Psychic Sciences).

The experience of dejavu is usually accompanied by a compelling seance of familiarity, and also a sense of eeriness, strangeness, weirdness or what Sigmund Freud calls "the uncanny."

The experience of deja vu seems to be quite common among adults and children alike. References to the experience of deja vu are found in literature of the past., indicating it is not a new phenomenon. Certain researchers claim to have found ways to recreate this sensation using hypnosis.