Monday, December 29, 2008

Update on Logan and Dusty

I would like to thank everyone that came to post a concern about Logan. Well he is doing real good and he is so full of himself, jumping at everything. One of his favorite things to do is play in the bathtub under a towel, he gets so tickled when you reach under the towel, he tries to get out of the tub fast but his little feet keeps slipping out from under him, when this happens he will jump on your arm. Logan is happy that Dusty has decided to play with him.

Where's my turkey?

My new man fur!

Did someone say turkey?

Mr. Teddy Bear, Jr.

Just wait a minute!


If you look on my post titled "Baby Logan", you will notice that Dusty was still not feeling good and his hair was sparce. I am glad to say he is feeling very good and his hair is really coming back. I am going to put their pictures on the post for all to see. It looks like Dusty has decided Storm is not coming home any more and has decided to move on with his life and accept Logan. Doesn't my man fur look nice? I had to have an implant to bring back my nice coat of fur.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Trip to the Vets

Logan's first trip to the vets for his distemper and rabbies shot's ended almost in a disaster. He left the house in his carry case, already he was digging at the cage door, he did not like trapped inside, he is a very free spirited ferret.

When he arrived at the vets he went right in the room, he had a short wait, Logan was very upset at being in the cage. The vet came in and checked him over and gave him his distemper shot, they waited a few minutes to make sure he was alright. Sarah took him out to the car, put the cage on the back seat and went back in to pay the vet.

The vet wanted to take a picture of Logan, they always do this so when you pay your bill a picture will be at the top every time. So Sarah went to the car to get Logan, when she opened the cage Logan was lying lifeless on his back, he was rushed back into the office and immediately the vet gave him a shot to help bring him around, when he started to move a little he was given oxygen until he could breath on his own. Logan had to wait a few minutes to make sure he was okay. Sarah was so afraid she was going to have a repeat of Storm.

We had a mess to clean up when they got home, the reaction from the shot made Logan poop all over Sarah and the inside of the cage, not to mention himself, poor baby. We cleaned everything up and hugged Logan and carried him around telling him everything was going to be all right, he was still spitting up. We put him in his hammock in the cage, he slept the rest of the day and night.

I am happy to say this morning he was awake and ready to get out for his fun play, he was so full of it, ran all over and jumped on our leg's. We were happy to see him acting as himself. Dusty woke up to run and play with him. Wedid not let him run more than an hour and he was glad to be put back, he climbed in his hammock and went right to sleep. He is our Christmas miracle, it only took one day for Logan to recover.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays!

I am wishing all my blog friends a very Merry Christmas, and as we aproach a new year I want to say I hope this last year was good to all of you.

I was surprised when I went on one blog site and they reported that sales people and restaurant staff are not allowed to say Merry Christmas, they have been instructed to say Happy Holiday, this is so not to offend peoples religion. I like to say it, after all this is the only time of the year you can say it, when I buy cards I always go for the Merry Christmas ones.

This season is to commercial, the TV ads start before Thanksgiving is over and so does the music. I use to like to see some Christmas programs on TV, but not any more. I would like to know what you friends think about Christmas season. I do hope you will enjoy Christmas day with friends and family. I have enjoyed coming by your blog sites and reading about different Christmas experiences, love all the pictures, love Margaret. This is my son Doug's tree, he was kind enough to do this for me.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Baby Logan

Little Logan came into our family on November 14th, 2008, we wanted another pet to love, he is not a replacement for Storm. As pet owners know not one pet that has gone to the Bridge can be replaced, they each and everyone has a special place in our hearts. They leave behind many memories of their delightful personalities, things they did to make us laugh and smile.

Logan's Birth Certificate

Just like Dusty and Storm, Logan was born in New York on the Marshal Ferret Farm, on August 17th, 2008, his breed is a black sable. My granddaughter purchased him at PetCo in Holland, Michigan on November 14th., she also bought him his own cage and supplies. The reason for this we did not know how Dusty would act around a strange ferret, so we fixed Logans cage up for him and put Logan in for the night. At the pet store Logan had a cage buddy, so he chewed and dug at the bars of his cage, he wanted out. Logan was not use to a regular cage, if anyone has ever went into PetCo they would see their animals are in glass cages except the birds.

What's in there?

The next day we put Dusty and Logan on the floor and Dusty grabbed him by the neck and drug him around, this is normal behavior and then he ignored him the rest of play time. Logan was not afraid of Dusty, he followed him around and tried to play. The first week when Logan was out he would chuckle all the time, this is their way of talking, it really sounds so cute. He liked us right away, never would let you catch him, until a few days he would come up to you and if you tried to pick him up he would run away, he is so cute and soft, we love him already. We tried to see if he likes fruit or vegetables but he does not, he does like whipping cream and his ferret oil. We are putting him in Dusty's cage a little at a time, one time they did fall asleep together, so I guess there is hope.


I have to give you an update about Dusty, he misses his pal Storm very much and was mourning him when we got Logan. It was heart breaking when we would let him out for play time, he went all over the house looking for Storm, plus he doesn't look so good, he lost almost all his hair from that adrenal disease, he did have an implant under his skin to get his hair back, but it is a slow process. He tolerates Logan, does not drag Logan so much any more, and he will play with him a little. It is sad to look in Dustys cage and see him laying in his hammock alone, without Storm draped over him like a blanket. Dusty caught a intestinal virus that Logan brought with him, but Logan did not have it, just was a carrier. So we had to take Dusty to the vets and get medicine, we thought we were going to loose Dusty for awhile, it took a week, he is all better now.

Gimme that!

Logan being cute in his tube

Logan being cute in his tube

Logan on his blanket

Logan likes to run at your legs and jump on them, when you bend down to pick him up he runs away, he never stops running around the house when it is play time. He has a tube to run through, a big blanket on the floor to run on, plays with plastic pop bottles and anything you throw for him to chase, we are trying to break him of chewing on the cords. The thing he enjoys most is hiding things under couch and beds, he even trys to drag your shoes under. We are going to post some pictures of him soon.