Thursday, May 19, 2011


Did you ever wonder where the wind comes from? Sometimes it gently caresses your face and at times it blows so hard against us it makes us move. I have often felt wind on my face and wondered where did it come from.Cool wind can be a friend on a hot summer day, but what ever it does have its purpose here on earth. Those friendly winds can be disastrous in storms, such as tornadoes and hurricanes.

What causes the air to move? It's the uneven heating of the earth' atmosphere. Different levels of heat on the surface of earth is the main cause of wind. The energy in wind comes from the sun. When the sun shines some of its light reaches the earth's surface. Warm air, which weighs less than cool air, rises. So then the cold air moves in and takes over the warm rising air. That movement of air is what causes wind to blow. All different winds are caused by different air pressure. Different levels of heat on the surface of earth is the main cause of wind, also the spin of the earth adds a small amount of winds, orbiting pull of the moon causes some wind (even more the tides).

I was surprised to find the source of the wind was the sun. But might of known that the sun it has a tremendous effect here on earth. It was interesting to find this out, because I have always wondered what suddenly caused that light brush of wind on my face, was it some mystical creature playing a joke by blowing in my face.

Monday, May 16, 2011


My husband had a second fall, which ended up in the ER. He fell in the kitchen backwards and hit his head on our metal heating unit on the baseboard. This caused a four inch cut on back of head and it took four metal staples to close the cut.

We also noticed he was slurring his words and could not walk right. They ran a blood test, xray and a cat scan to make sure he had no internal injuries. They said everything turned out alright. The only thing his potassium was low.

On May 5th, he had an appointment with a neurologist. He was tested and showed a loss of some memory. The doctor ordered blood work and a MRI . The results of those test showed the blood work was okay but the MRI showed he had suffered a mild stroke. The doctor ordered some medicine for the memory loss.

He is eating better so his balance is okay now. He still struggles with memory but hope the medicine puts that right. He still stays in bed at least 23 hours.

I hope to be back blogging this week, I miss doing it. I appreciate all your comments.

love, Margaret