Monday, August 10, 2015

Family Update

Hi Everyone, This is Margaret's son, Doug, and I am posting this in case anyone still watches or visits my Mom's blog. My Dad passed away on June 5. I had been taking care of him here at our home, but it became too much for me and so I put him in the same nursing home as my Mom. He did not want to be there and I think this is why he stopped eating. Not having much control anymore over many things at his age I think this is the one thing he could control (the eating). So I believe this was my Dad's way of saying, "I'm done." I was with him at the nursing home right before he passed. I was watching him sleep and he was not sleeping well. He seemed so small and frail and I asked God to please not let him suffer anymore. He passed two hours later.

My mom is still in the nursing home. She is doing well for now, but Hospice has been called in to evaluate her. Hospice says she is doing better, but you can't stave off the inevitable. She still suffers physical side effects from her heart attack and because of her age and the congenital heart failure. I've been told these symptoms will only get worse as time goes by. I can do nothing but wait. In the meantime I visit her, show her pictures of things on my phone, talk about the old days when we were all here living in this house as a family. Now it's just me.

I have started to take care of her blog again. I'm currently attempting to replace some of the images and photos that disappeared and uploading them to my new hosting server. It's not much, but this blog was something she loved and I want to keep it maintained. At least for now anyway. I feel so useless and out of sorts these days. Doing this gives me some small measure of sanity and purpose, even if it isn't that much.