Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day

American Flag
Photo of American flag by J. Helgason | Shutterstock

To rule the world with violence, is their one and only goal,
Terror is their method, they want complete control.
We've seen it all before, and we could not let it be,
We gave our lives for freedom, for the world, and for you and me.
We fight all forms of oppression, helping victims far and near,
To keep the world from chaos, to porotect what we hold dear,
America's the only country, that gives with it's whole heart.
And asks so very little, we always do our part,
So let's unite again to subdue our newest foe,
What ever we must do, where ever we must go,
Let's show the world once more, that America is blessed,
With people who are heroes, who meet each and every test.

From The Tyrants, by Joanna Fuchs

NOTE: There are now pictures on My Back Yard post, please have a look.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Back Yard

My Backyard
Our wonderful backyard.

I love all the animals and birds that come to eat at the feeders. I would like to share some of the goings on.

The Squirrels are fun to watch as they chase one another away from the food. Two of them come right up on the window seal and look in the window, they want their peanut. One of them stands up with his little hands stretched out, but he won't take it from your hands. I have two little chipmunks also, little feed stealer s.

Black Squirrel
One of my cute little black squirrels.

Our friendly neighborhood nuthatch.

Morning Dove
We have lots of morning doves.

My son captured this beautiful hawk.

Our chipmunk on his usual spot.

We have many bees, including these blackjackets.

Pink Daisy Flower
One of my many flowers in the yard.

We have sunflowers, too.

I have a Red Headed Woodpecker that I actually call him (I call him Woody) and he comes to the yard and I throw him a peanut and he flys down and gets it. I hear him in the neighborhood making his sound and I call to him and he comes. The birds called Titmouse come when they hear me calling Woody and I throw them peanuts and they come down and take it and fly away, this is so amazing.

My Ducks come and eat the corn and to get a drink. This one Duck brought her four babies and they all had something to eat. Now the amazing thing about this is, she brings her babies from a pond about a block away. They come through the woods and across our street, around the house to the back where the food is. She has been doing this now for three weeks. Sadly for the first three days she was minus a duckling each day until she has only one left. I am hoping this little guy stays alive.

If you have an amazing back yard animal or bird story, I would like to hear about it.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Woe be me (again)!

I must apoligize once more to my friends that have visited me in the last few days. My computer finally had to go to the Geek squad and be fixed, it froze right up on me. So I am back and hope no more problems. I am working on a new post and will be around to visit you all. Love=Margaret

Monday, May 17, 2010

King Arthur

King Arthur
Photo of young baby Robin by mlorenz | Shutterstock

I wrote this a couple years ago. Every Spring when the Robin's come back and I see them in the yard I think of the one I raised right out of his shell. The night before we had a bad storm, next morning branches and leaves were all over the yards. I noticed a bird nest and in it was a broken blue egg and a baby still half in the egg. I knew immediately it was a Robins nest. He was peeping so softly, I didn't know at first what to do. I proped the nest up and watched it for half a day and no mom came to his aide. I put the nest inside the house. I really was at a loss as what to do.

I was in luck, I remembered an article in our newspaper the day before on birds. I called the name of the man that wrote it. He said try to feed him cut up worms and if that did not work, try hamburger. I had a home made cat carrying case, I tipped it up on end, put some towels in and a heating pad under it, he was very cold and hungry. I fed him cut up worms, with a tweezer. I remembered to make sure I put them on top of his tongue and a little ways down his throat. His little mouth flew open as soon as I touched him. This worked great.

His little body turned from pink to a dark colored body as he started to grow. I put him in our bedroom window so he could hear the birds outside. To my luck a mother Robin had built in the tree outside the window. He could hear the babies chrip every time she came and fed them.

I made a nest for him when he was bigger, he was doing great on the worms. When he had all his feathers I hung the cage outside. Soon I let him outside with me to find worms, when I called him he came over and I threw him a worm. I would bury it in front of him and he would cock his head and dig it up. He always flew to the top of our garage roof and waited for me to call him.

I put him back in his cage at night and made sure I got up just as it was getting daylight. I was letting him free during the day and when he saw us sitting on the swing he would fly and land on our shoulders. I put water out and he would bath in it.

He was full grown but had his spots. One evening before I could put him back he flew to the neighbors trees. The next morning I went out back and before I could call him he came flying to me and I put my hand out and he flew to it. We had a neighbor cat that always hung out in our yard and I was affraid he would get him. I had to make a decision of what to do with him and to this day I wish I would of let him stay, I get tears in my eyes every time I think of my decision.

I called our State Park and ask them if I could put him there and they said okay. So we took him to a path that was less traveled. I opened the cage door and out he fles. It was like letting one of you children go away from home forever and never coming back. We went back a couple times during the week but no King Arthur, a very fitting name for a brave little Robin that show us his courage to survive in this great big world..I am ashamed I did not take pictures of his progress, the only one taken by our newspaper when he was half grown.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

America's Crime Wave

A crime wave is sweeping through America. While it's at it's worse in our big cities. it is stretching across our country and splashing into the small towns and rural areas. Every day, ordinary citizens must take extra-ordinary risks just to get to work, go to school, or take a trip to the store. People don't dare use an ATM bank machine after dark, take a job in certain parts of town, nor let their children play in the front yard while the drug dealers drive up and down the street in front of the house. People who do an honest day's work stay locked up in their homes at night with the boob tube and we reward the elderly citizens by letting them live the last years of their life in terror of muggings.

You are responsible because you've given up the most valuable right you were born with, the right to defend yourselves against anyone who would use force to take what you own or to end your life.. This happens because we bought the pack of lies of politicians, soft headed liberals, and even your teachers, priest and ministers that have promised you that if you would pay your taxes, obey the law, and disarm yourself, then the Government would protect you from criminals. We have so much crime in America because every criminal knows you won't defend yourself nor your community.

If a criminal hurts you, they will try and catch him and if proven the one that commited the crime, then they will put him in jail, but the police can only do so much.. The crimes have moved from the streets into our homes, home burglary has risen in the past couple years and has made us to fear for our own safty.

One way to solve crime in America is for citizens like us, to make it extremely dangerous for anyone to commit a crime. We won't stop crime in the streets until every criminal has a good reason to believe that he is likely to die at the hands of his next victim as his victims is of dying at his hands. You have to organize for self defense with your neighbors, and you have to take your organization to the streets and drive the criminals off them.

We are not talking about vigilante justice, we are talking about armed citizen self-defense, and armed community defense in which you stop a crime in progress.. Self defense is still legal in America. The only person who will stop that crime before you become victim is you. If you don't stop the crime, even if you are carrying a cell phone and immediarely dial 911, you will be a victim before the first policeman arrives, and the criminal will escape. The cost of freedom is eternal vigilance, and that includes the cost of freedom from crime. Be safe my friends.

Computer Blues

Sorry friends that I have not been around. I have been having trouble with my computer but it is okay now, so I will be posting and coming around to see what you have been up to.