Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Elderly

What would be your definition of the old folks? Getting old seems like it takes a long time, until you get there, and you ask yourself "where did the time go"? When we were young and complained to mom I wish I was older, she would say "why are you in such a hurry, you are young such a short time, so don't rush it just have patience. She was right it seems like yesterday I was young and care free, but the years flew by, I know the older folks will agree with me.

I wish I would of kept a record book of my life, then I would know everything I did. The reason for this is when some one mentions something I did or said I could look it up and see if they are right. Aging is not a disease, it occurs differently in each of us. The beginnings of change in the five senses are as follows; in the 50's it is vision, taste late 50's, smell mid 70's, , of course we do not experience these in any noticeable order. Some elderly may not experience any of these changes. I know some older people that can work circles around people younger than they are. What ever changes come most older adults are in pretty good health. Look at the changes in medicine and the life saving devices we have now days, this has increased life expectancy greatly.

Here is a number of ways old age can be defined; 40 years may be discriminated for employment, 55 individuals qualify for subsidized employment and can learn new work skills, 62 you can take early retirement, however with people living longer people born after 1938 can work until age 67 and at age 70 is mandatory retirement in some professions.

Old age consists of ages nearing or surpassing the average life span.. We have wrinkles or liver spots on the skin, our hair turns grey or white or we can lose our hair. We can lose some or all hearing, loss of reaction, and our ability to think or recall memories. The life expectancy in the United States for women is 80 years and for men it is 77 years. Lets face it we start getting older each at birth. You can visit the Ohio Department of Aging web site here. Please feel free to comment, I would like to know what you think of aging.