Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Boys

My granddaughter Sarah and her BoysWe have the most adorable Ferrets in the world, they were born on the Marshall Ferret Farm in New York, New York on October 31, 2004. There names are Dusty and Storm, Dusty is a Champagne breed and Storm is a Sable.

Sarah my granddaughter is their owner, she purchased them from PetCo a store at the Lakes Mall, in Muskegon, Michigan. Actually when she brought them home I told her they were too small to be bought yet. PetCo told her that since she had experience with Ferrets they trusted her to do right by them and did not need to return them. Petco at that time did have a lady named Deb that brought her Ferrets in the back room and she would give advice to Ferret owners. Sarah ask Deb what she could do to make sure the little guys made it, her advice was to mix their food with a little water, making it a little mushy, because the Boys were having a hard time eating the hard food. Another piece of advise she gave was to give them baby food, she said turkey with gravy, this combination of wet food with the gravy worked, they did start acting better.

The Boys getting their medicineTheir medical care is in the hand of veterinarian Sarah Prelesnik at the Prelesnik Animal Hospital, in Grand Haven, Michigan. They go for all their shots, Dusty is a handful to try and give shots, he squirms right out of the vets hands. Storm is a sweet heart at the vets. Right now Storm has a medical problem and is being treated for it. He had to have a implant in his shoulder and is loosing some hair and the vet said he should grow it back in the fall.

Dusty playing with his stash of bottlesThey have cute and separate personalities and Sarah has lots of pictures and video tapes to prove it. Dusty is the smallest of the two weighing a little over two pounds. Dusty likes to hide potatoes, pop bottles, balls and any thing he finds that he thinks needs to be hid. This is one spunky ferret he also rolls and flips around when he is tickled, he is so sweet and fun to have around. Dusty also plays and bites his brother, not in a mean way. They never draw blood on one another or us. When it is turkey time he runs around frantic because you do not hurry up. The only time you can cuddle him is when he is tired and sleepy.

Mr. Teddy BearNow on the other hand Storm is not hyper like Dusty he is gentle and sweet like a Teddy bear. He did not have such a good start like Dusty, he could not hold his head up so good, like I said Bed was a life saver for him. Storm will play with you only for about a few minutes and runs away he likes to run through his tube with Dusty and play with him on their blanket which is folded in half, they use it like a tunnel running back and forth. Storm also likes to hid pop bottles, he likes certain pieces of our dogs food and bread, both the ferrets like whipped cream. So far Storm is doing okay and I hope that continues to be so. Storm weighs a little over 4 pounds.

The Boys out for their daily towel rideMost people think ferrets bite well I think it is the way people handle them, you can't buy them because they are cute they are a big responsibility and remember if you let someone tease them they will bite. Our two guys are so gentle and sweet, they never bite the vet when she handles them either. The ones that they showed on Americas Funniest Videos that bit the people in the face I don't know what made them do it, we put our ferrets up to our face and they just give you a kiss.

So if you are thinking of getting a ferret just remember they are only tame if you mess with them all the time and let them run they need to get out of their cage at least twice a day to stretch their legs. I think a caged animal that is not let run once in a while will turn grumpy, don't you get grumpy if you do not get out once in a while?


Sarah said...

This is awesome, Grandma. Great job :)

Margaret Cloud said...

Thank you Sarah for coming by amd leaving a comment.


Hello Margaret - thank you for dropping by.

I love graphic design, i can see he has greatly influenced you, your blog header is amazing and your layout.

Keep up the great work, interesting seeing a blog on memories.

By the way, i love the Ferrets.

Thanks again Margaret.

Best wishes,


Margaret Cloud said...

thank you sarah france for your comments, yes the ferrets are special, please stop by again.

At A Hen's Pace said...

Hi Margaret--

We enjoyed seeing the ferrets at Petco ourselves, just yesterday! Great pictures of your granddaughter's boyz.

Thanks for your appreciative comments on my farm family history story!


Margaret Cloud said...

Thank you at a hen's pace for coming by and placing a comment.

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Hi Margaret!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
The ferrets are adorable. My daughter had one that she got while she was with Ringling Brothers circus. Her name was Tiffany, and she sure did love her.
I'll be checking back to read your interesting entries. I was a war baby (1943) so our lives have some of the same memories.

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Aww.. the ferrets are mighty adorable! I like your post and you are right... I would get very grumpy if I did not get out once in a while! =D

Kathleen said...

How did I miss this post? Those little ferrets are CUTE!

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I love ferrets, although that is one pet I have never owned myself! I think they do better in pairs :)

Margaret Cloud said...

Hi all you blogger friends Cats-Goats-Quotes, Michele, Kathleen and Wayfaring Wanders, thanks for stopping and commenting, come by anytime. I enjoyed reading each and every one of your sites, it is good to have such interesting blogs to read.

Margaret Cloud said...

November 12th., 2008, today one of the Boys (STORM) went to the Bridge. He was in surgery to remove an enlarged spleen, his heart gave out and he went to the Bridge, he was 4 years old.

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