Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Beginning #3

Living in town was so much different than country living, houses too close together, it felt like no breathing room. I could not get over looking out our bedroom window, right into our neighbors living room, and once they saw us looking they kept the blinds pulled on that side of the house. We found out everyone was really nice and at least us kids got along with all of them. Our house was a little bigger than we were use to, we even had a basement, to do the laundry and hang up the wash in bad weather.

I babysit for a neighbor with six children, we became good friends. All the neighbor kids came out at night to play kick the can or hide and seek, even the older kids. Well lets face it back then there was not a whole lot to do, some of us had TV's, but kids liked to be outside then. At least three times a week, the neighborhood got together to play baseball out back in the vacant lot, both kid's and parent's alike played, boy did we have some good times, even though there was a lot of bickering on who was out. Well, Aunt Margaret put a stop to me babysitting Mary's kids, her excuse was, and she told Mary this also, was she did not want us influenced in the Catholic religion, hurt feelings were felt all around, Mary never talked religion to us anyway.

The last three years, from 1950-1953, was a big change for me, I was growing taller and I had a new babysitting job. On the board at school was a notice that someone was looking for a sitter, I answered the notice and got the job. Her name was Marge Nedeau, she worked part time as a court stenographer and needed a sitter for some afternoon's and evenings. It just so happened that I had enough credits to go to school only in the mornings. I sat for her for three years and a lot in the summer. My Aunt was not happy that I was gone a lot, but I was buying all my books, supplies and some clothes. When I graduated, Marge wanted me to sit the kid's while they went on a week vacation, to Wasgington DC. The kid's were great, after all they knew me three years and I played with them, read, colored and took them on wagon rides. The placement place I put my name in called me to come in, I had to go and get Marge's best friend to sit with the kids. Marge was due to come home the next day and it was a good thing, I was scheduled for an interview.

I was so nervous when I arrived at Universal Camshaft Company for the interview. Mr. Cox was very nice and he hired me right on the spot. I had to record the shop jobs in a ledger, it was from each person in the shop, what job done, how much, time it took and any trouble they had on the job, any school kid could of done this job, this was my very first job in an office. I worked for about a year on this job and the switchboard operator was leaving, I told Mr. Cox I was going to talk to Ken Graves, he ran that part of the office, it was on the first floor. One of the reason I wanted to take a different job was I had to go out into the shop, when I could not read the cards and the workers would whistle and shout out, my face was red from the time I entered the shop and went back to my office. My wage was $37.50 a week to start.

I did get the new job and boy, did the job have a lot of responsibilities, I thought it was only switchboard. Well, I had switchboard, receptionist, filing, typing bill of ladens for shipping department, type letters for our two salesmen and secretary to purchasing agent. I did not receive a raise for a year, it went up to $42.50 and I was there eight years and my salary only went up to $62.50 when I quit, to raise my son, Douglas.


Anonymous said...

I love reading your story Margaret. I hope that you will publish your blog using Blurb or some program whereby you can download your blog posts and put them in a book for you to buy..

IRENE said...

Hello Margaret,
It is so lovel reading your story. I like your being honnest and not coloring everything rosey, yet you're gentle with the past.
Your stories are so real and alive, I can almost see you playing or running the office.

I also want to say to you a big "Thank You" for taking the time to write to me on our cat's loss. Taki had an opertion at the end of december as the vet and friends and family insisted he should be sterilised and that he would live longer that way (what an irony!), but I was against it from the start. I so much regret not stumping my feet on the ground!
He was a bit melancholic in my eyes, but pysically the doctor said he had recovered well.

On that morning he had an entire bowl of water to drink while I was seeing the kids off to school. I thought he was thirsty, nothing ore.
Then when I got back home from work, the kids talled me that he had vom** on the couch throw. He did so again twice before my husband took him to the vet. Again, I thought he had a cold or a virus and he'd be given an antibiotic and be with us that night.
When my husband came to pick me up from work, he told me the sad news. He passed away at the vets two hours later, while my huband caressed his little head.
We have many suspicions obviously. Was there sthg wrong with the water? There wasn't anyhing funny or dangerous around that he might have eaten.Had he not recovered post op?

We are really sad, and we miss him so much,and feeling that you undestand is so comforting. Thank you again.

Take care and have a lovely week end.

debbie said...


Missy said...

I bet all of that babysitting you did helped out a lot when you had your first child. I remember being so scared of newborns when my son was born. I was absolutely scared to death of giving him a bath, but I got over it. Love reading your stories Margaret. Keep them coming. Hope you have a great weekend.

Steppa and her Babys +Lover Guy said...

love it and now hurr and get me the next chapter lol love it

Gramma Ann said...

Hello, Margaret,

I have been enjoying reading your life stories. I remember when the evenings were spend playing games with friends in the evenings, and in the winter time we played games in the house or read books. My mother didn't buy a T.V. until I was 14 years old, so after that we watched some T.V. in the evenings, but after homework was finished.

How life has changed over the years when we were young. I will be back to read your next installment. ;)


Merle said...

Dear Margaret ~~ Nice to read your latest story from your early life. You make them so interesting and a book is a good idea for you.
By the way I do have air conditioning and it helps a lot, but whenever I venture out of doors for the mail, or to feed the birds,etc etc, the heat nearly knocks me over, it's 43 C again today.My ankles have been swelling the last few days, so I hope we get some relief soon.I feel so sorry for the people who have lost their electricity from the heat and power shortage, and in the States from the cold. As for the poor fire fighters, I don't know how they do it. There are a few serious ones in Victoria at present with at least 20 homes destroyed. AND they were deliberately lit.
Sorry to ramble on, Margaret, but those idiots make me so mad. Take care, Love, Merle.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Good Morning Margaret,
As usual, love your story telling. So much sounds like some from my past. We didn't have TV either until I was a lot older, then we could only pick up about three stations. So the neighborhood kids found games to play as a group, and the older ones would watch out for the younger ones. I can remember I baby sit with two little girls from around 6am till 4pm five days a week during the summer and got about $20.00. But that also bought my school supplies and some clothes in my Junior year of school. Then in my Senior year I worked as a waitress, got $65 cents an hour. On Sundays I made more in tips then I did working. LOL And we got to keep all of our own tips, not one of these places where they put the tips all together and divide the total among all working that day. I bet it's cold at your place this morning, it sure is here. Going out to put more bird see down, we have a couple of crows trying to find something to eat.

Denise said...

Hello Margaret, thank you so much for visiting me and following my blog. I am happy you did as I think your life's stories are wonderful and I am looking forward to coming back and reading more.

Denise Elizabeth -HopeTreeStudio- said...

Hi Thanks for the visit to my blog. Enjoyed your blog. Denise

Merle said...

Hi again Dear Margaret ~~ I am so glad you liked the picture with the hands of God holding that plane up. I am darned if I know why some of our heat does not rise. Or why some of your cool doesn't come down under. Thank you for your visit
my friend. Take care, Love, Merle.

Back Through Time said...

I love reading all your stories, it is such a treat to get a peek into the past with you.
Keep writing!!

Dog_geek said...

Nice post - it brings back memories of playing kick the can outside in the street with all the neighborhood kids in the summer evenings!

Margaret Cloud said...

Thank you dear bloggers for coming by and commenting, I appreciate it very much.

Lilly's Life said...

Margaret, you write so well. I can picture everything. Its wonderful you are writing you story down. I agree. It could be a book.

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