Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Make-Believe Is Not Just For Kids.

this power of make-believe just for children or can the grown ups join in? The answer is we can to a certain extent. We enjoy the theater, plays and the movies, all which is mostly made up stories for our enjoyment and entertainment. The great dream merchant Disney was a success because he believed make believe was what everyone needed.

It is not unusual for children to have invisible friends or to believe their teddy bears can talk. I think their ability to suspend reality and play make-believe is a wonderful gift. Studies show that children know the difference between make-believe friends and reality., but they choose to travel between the two worlds. I envy this ability, it is a bit like magic.

We all enjoy magicians and their magic tricks, some parents hire magicians for their childrens birthday party's. Even as adults we still feel the sense of awe and joy from imagining what we see is real or not make believe. Unfortunately, most adults think this is just for kids. They grow up and imaginatian gives way to logic. I think this is sad. As adults, we need to use our imagination more often and watch how kids go between the real and the pretend when they play make-believe.

As adults we like make-believe in different forms, we no longer believe the items we own can talk or we no longer have imaginary friends. We turn to other made up things, some like to read fiction books, go to plays and the movies, we know most movies are just someones imagination put down in book form for their readers to enjoy. The movie makers do the same, most movies are taken from an author, who happened to capture a movie production companies attention, most movies are make-believe and others are real life stories.

Also as grown ups we have our children s best interest at heart. We should encourage kids in their pretend play, the purpose is to stimulate their creativity and get them to use the power of their imagination, this gets them to think outside the box. Childhood should be full of enchantment , whimsical characters and curiosity.They grow too soon and realize the world can be a bit confusing then pretend, and some children hang on to make-believe longer than others.


Gramma Ann said...

Fun post today. You mean my Teddy Bear doesn't talk, now when did he quit? I pull a string and he says many things. ; )

Lately, your posts make me think of old songs. Remember "Imagination, it's funny, it makes a cloudy day sunny..."

A New Beginning said...

I totally agree with you..when I see my little cousins, I feel they are much more mature than I am...too wordly. I love the world of dreams , the world of make believe. Its amazing how our mind dances with imagination and sings a custom made tune...the one we want it to sing :)
Thanks for the meaning ful and beautifully written post Margaret..u took to me the world of favourite abode :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

As an artist and a writer and a composer and an actress--my imagination is always going...I think this is probably true of most creative people and I think it keeps you young and youthful. It keeps the Child in you alive! And I don't mean being "childish"....I mean retaining the Childlike Wonder in "make-believe"....And I think that is Wonderful!!
Very thoughtful post Margaret....!

chubskulit said...

Sometimes I laugh when my daughter is telling us a story about her imaginary friends. She would always tell us "Before you guys born, my friends and I..." It makes me very proud that she has a good imagination..
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sailor said...

You are so right with your

"We should encourage kids in their pretend play, the purpose is to stimulate their creativity and get them to use the power of their imagination, this gets them to think outside the box. Childhood should be full of enchantment , whimsical characters and curiosity.They grow too soon and realize the world can be a bit confusing then pretend, and some children hang on to make-believe longer than others."

We always do those with our kids.

sailor said...

Have a great weekend ahead Ms. Margaret!

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Anonymous said...

We had no toys when I was growing up. No money for those things. Our imaginations worked overtime trying to come up with things to do.

Tea said...

Yes! We need to use our brains so they will work well, and pretend is a means to that end...especially for children.
When our oldest daughter was very young she loved "pretend" tea parties. Her cousin of the same age thought she was just plain silly at first, but in no time she learned to use her imagination, too. They benefited greatly by using their minds (instead of giving their minds over to television and video games as so many children do today.) I shudder to think what tomorrow will bring if media entertainment gets any worse.

Merle said...

Dear Margaret ~~ Another great post that makes us think. Children have great imaginations and that is terrific. We still have our dreams annd memories. AND I am sure my teddy bear talks to me
and I don't have to pull any strings. Just a comfort to have him there beside me.
Thanks for your comments, and I am glad you enjoyed the Cowboy poem and jokes, my friend. And I am so lucky so many friends send me stories and jokes, so I always give them credit
Take great care my firend and have a great weekend coming up very soon. Be safe.
Love, Merle.


A very light hearted post,how true, make believe can be for any age as long as we adults know where make believe ends and reality begins.

Have a lovely day.


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Very thoughtful and nice post Margaret. I have been watching some of the new "comedy" half hour shows on TV this Fall and, in my opinion, the kids are way to grown up for me with their ideas, thoughts and words. I am not happy about it. :)

Margaret Cloud said...

Than you my friends, I am glad you still have a little imagination left in you.

Linda said...

I love the way you write and your topics are always interesting!

This subject is near and dear to my heart as I'm a firm believer in imagination and make-believe at ANY age. Some children of God hang onto make believe longer than others too :) - I'm glad I'm one of those. I have no plans to quit using my imagination and pretending at any age.

Blessings to you always,

Judy said...

This is so true. I love movies and fiction books take us away to another time and place. Great post. Have a good weekend.

Patty said...

I honestly can't remember when I quit playing make believe. I can remember dressing up in old clothes and pretending we were movie stars. Nut our granddaughter doesn't do that, she pretends she's a teacher and lines her dolls up as students. She reads to them, and pretends she's teaching them math and etc. It's fun watching and listening to her. She also pretends she runs a nursery for babies that will never grow up, she says their parents don't want them anymore, so she's keeping them. She lines up snack trays and small tables and a stroller and puts the babies in or on them and takes care of them.

Have a great week-end.

Babli said...

I fully agree with you. Learning is a never ending process. World is changing very fast. Now the children knows much more than what we knew in childhood as there are lots of learning media available. I listen very carefully when children tell story and talk about different topics and everybody can learn a lot from them.

Denise said...

I have enjoyed catching up on your blog tonight Margaret. Wonderful post, thank you :) Have a great Sunday.

Merle said...

Hi again Margaret ~ Thanks for stopping by my blog, glad you liked the roses and the jokes etc,
I hope your weekend has been a good one, with better weather. Mine has been really good and
warm lovely weather. Take great care, my friend.
Be safe, Love, Merle.

Joops said...

Just came to wish you for a great week ahead!

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chubskulit said...

Checking for your new post Ms. margaret.. Have blessed Monday!

caspersmom said...

I think the people who make the Science Fiction movies have a lot of imagination. But I like the Disney imagination the best.

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