Friday, June 11, 2010

Gulf oil Spill==Disaster

BP Oil Spill
Sign on front lawn of a home in Grand Isle, LA. The BP oil spill has washed up on the shores of Louisiana. Photo by Katherine Welles | Shutterstock

The world is watching this oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, wishing and praying it will soon be capped. It really does not look good for the communities that border the Gulf and also the wild life. I would hate to see this oil spill escape out into the Ocean.

From the first moments that the Deepwater Horizon oil rig sank it has been apparent that the Gulf oil spill has been an oil disaster unlike no other. But the full truth of that statement is perhaps only now beginning to become apparent.

The oil that can be seen from the surface is apparently just a fraction of the oil that has spilled into the Gulf of Mexico since April 20th. Significant amounts of oil are spreading at various levels throughout the water says the report, which was posted on line and published by The New York Times.

On Wednesday, the cap was collecting 630,000 gallons of oil, but it could be capturing more oil if BP had decided to put more ships on the surface to hold and process the collected oil. That means the cap will have to continue venting excess oil into the Gulf until another two ships-one which can sift gas and water out of the crude and another ship will shuttle oil to shore-these ships will arrive next week.

Louisana's coast serves as a winter resting spot for more than 70 percent of the country's water fowl and the region is used by more than a hundred tropicial migretory birds, said Melanie Driscoll, director of bird conservation for the National Audubon Society's Louisiana Coastal Initiative. The birds are being cleaned and relocated, but many biologists would wager that the released birds would head right back where they came from, back into harm's way, especially during breeding season, or they will not adjust to their new location.

I could write several pages on this disaster, but you all have been following along on TV, newspapers or magazine articles. Wikipedia has articles on this oil spill, this is a tragedy in the fullest extent of any disaster we have ever had. I would just hate to see this oil spill escape out of the Gulf. I am praying for those that their business depend on the Gulf waters, may God bless and watch over them in this dark hours.


welcome to my world of poetry said...

I agree Margaret it is a first class disaster, we have seen it here on our news bulletins and such alot of people lives are affected.

Thanks for your visit always a pleasure to know you've been.

Enjoy your week-end.


Hi Margaret,
It is very awful!!! I am also praying that God gives these people wisdom to stop the leaking!!
I enjoyed looking at the creatures that visit your backyard. Your flower bed is looking good.
Take care.
Deb :)

Yankee Girl ~ Missy said...

Yes Ma'am this is so scary.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...'s fixed now. :)

Well said Margaret. It's terribly sad and a bad bad thing. Prayers that a solution is forth coming very very soon.

Becky and Gary said...

I'm very worried about this entire situation Margaret, but unfortunately there is nothing we can do, but just pray and wait. I'm still puzzled with all the knowledge we have in this world, why someone can't come up with a solution.
About the creek, it is the one behind our house, and a wonderful place to walk. I make many trips down there. It's only about 80 yards behind us, and is full of wildlife. I'll be posting lots of pictures this summer from there.
Have a wonderful week-end.

A New Beginning said...

Yes Margaret I totally agree with you, its a disaster indeed and a big one for sure..the poor pelicans and other animals are drenched in oil..they are not in a state to survive, I appreciate the efforts of claening the birds..hope the survival rate rises...oil this disaster comes to an end!!!!!

Babli said...

Its a terrible disaster which took place in which hundreds of birds and animals died. People got affected very badly. Hope everything gets fine at an earliest.

Denise said...

Hi Margaret, thanks for stopping by. Always so good to see your name in my comment box. I read your post and agree with you. What a horrible disaster for so many, including those who died in the initial explosion. So much suffering for their families. My heart goes out to everyone who has been affected by this and I pray that someone will get a handle on it real soon. No telling how many years it will take to recover. That area doesn't need any more disasters like this.

kavita said...

This is very very sad ,hope things are in control by now.Our human race have already caused a lot of harm to the mother nature-when are we going to stop ? Hope before it gets too late.

McVal said...

I hope they can stop it soon! Can't believe it's almost two months and is still spewing! With all the technology in the world and they can't just plug it? yowsa.

Linda said...

Thanks for writing this, Margaret. I really have no words about how sad and desperate the oil spill makes me feel. From the loss of the wildlife to the loss of the most beautiful beaches - places I love and that I always thought would remain unchanged. It reminds me of the One thing that never changes. God is unchanged yesterday, today and tomorrow, and I take comfort in that.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

What a great post... living here in Florida, it is a daily update on the news and things are only getting worse. The oil has now reached the panhandle of Florida and the animals are suffering.
I sure hope someone comes up with an answer soon!

caspersmom said...

I think that some people have come up with a solution but BP won't listen to them or let them help. At least that is what I have heard. Unfortunately I think it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better but I pray that I am wrong.

I like your little plants coming up on your bank. Pretty soon the bank will be covered. Spring is so beautiful for flowers. I take my camera with me when I go walking sometimes and take pictures of my neighbor's flowers.

Jae said...

All I can say is that, hopefully all these mess will be ceased very soon bec its giving colossal damage to our environment already.

Kay said...

Excellent post, Margaret. I've been really depressed about this spill. It sounds so fatalistic. I just hope they're able to cap it soon, for good!

Judy said...

This is just awful. It is so depressing to watch what is going on down there and the damage this thing is causing. This is such a tragedy. I hope something can be done soon. Have a good weekend.

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