Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Multiple Births

I saw this program on TV and thought it very interesting, it was on multiple births. I never knew there were so many different names for the multiple births. My question is why would a women want that many children all at one time. Most of these births run a great risk of the baby's having many birth defects, and the baby's dying. Most multiples are born premature, their little bodies are not quite finished developing. Another thing it is so sad to see those little baby's all hooked up to keep them alive and some of these baby's spend months like this.

Here is a list of the names of multiples birth count===
1=Twins=two baby's
2=Triplets=three baby's
3=Quadruplets=four baby's
4=Quintuplets=five baby's
5=Sextuplets=six baby's
6=Septuplets=seven baby's
7=Octuplets=eight baby's
8=Nonuplets=nine baby's

Most common of the multiples is twins and triplets, there are always chances of complications in any pregnancy but they increase with the amount of baby's in the womb.

1..The Keys quads, born 6-4-1915, all girls lived to adulthood, graduated college, as of 2004 only one was still living.
2. We all know the Dionne quints, born 5-28-34, first quints know to survive infancy. At four months old they were made ward of the King and were put on display to the public until nine years old. Their parents in 1943 gained custody back.
3. The Dilley sextuplets, born in 1993 are the first born in the United States., they were featured on the TLC channel until they were twelve years old, they are now seventeen.
4. The first septuplets were born 15th century to Thomas & Edith Bonham.
5. The Frustaci sextuplets born 5-21-85, they were the first to be born in the United States, only three of the seven survived.
6. The first confirmed octupletes born in Mexico on 3-10-67, all died within 13 hours after being born.
7. The Onuplets born in Australia June 13, 1971, all died within six days after being born.

You may go to Wikipedia and type in "List of multiple births," and read more about these baby's. Can you just imagine how it must of been for women in centuries of not knowing how to deliver the baby's.


welcome to my world of poetry said...

I would not like a multiple birth, my ex daughter-in-law was only carring one yet had complications with the result my grandaughter was born 10 weeks early.
She was lucky, she is nearly 10 yrs old now, but I shudder to think had she'd been one of a multiple birth,
Thanks for all the information very interesting.
Have a good week.


My wife and I had a hard enough time raising our little family. I can't imagine raising multiples! :-(

Becky and Gary said...

I just can't imagine trying to raise more than one at a time. It certainly would take a special Mom and Dad plus lots of help, let alone all the money needed.
Thanks for all your interesting posts, Margaret, and thanks so much for your kind and incouraging comments.

Kay said...

I've seen how much work twins are. I can't even imagine how people manage to take care of more at the same time. You'd need a whole lot of family support. I thought the whole business of the Octuplet mom was completely irresponsible and selfish.

dr.antony said...

With the modern methods of assisted reproduction,such births are very common.They use hormones to induce ovulation.

A New Beginning said...

But the question is , is it safe for the mother???

Anonymous said...

I only know one set of twins and they are now in the late 70s like me. I will be 77 this October. Hard to believe.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Margaret,

Very interesting and informative post.

I admire mothers who give multiple births because it is so difficult to look after one infant and to look after many at the same time requires supernatural strength.I suppose all mothers are supernatural with heavenly powers.

Best wishes,

Linda said...

Interesting facts, Margaret! :)
We have 2 sets of twins in my immediate family. My sisters are twins (their 42nd Birthday is tomorrow) and one of those sisters has identical twin girls (almost 3 years old).

Gerry's Soap N Stuff said...

Hi Margaret, I enjoyed this post. I was a stay at home mother of twin girls and twenty months later my son made his grand appearance. I sailed right through raising them and enjoyed every minute, being young and energetic. Well, I did have some help and without it I may have went under..ha. Gerry

Denise said...

So interesting Margaret. We have twins in my family - English side - and I had hoped at one time in my life that I would have twins. At one time I wanted five but maybe not all at once ;) Just wasn't meant to be and ended up with one child. I'm happy to say he is a very caring and considerate young man, always ready to help others. He also married into a family where his wife has three siblings and he now is uncle to four young toddlers. Makes me very happy.

Patty said...

I can't imagine either why anyone wants more than one at a time. Although I will have to admit, our first three were very close in age, and they did entertain themselves, BUT I did not have three babies at one time. Look at that woman in Calif, I think she had 8, but I believe she wanted that many more for publicity than anything else. I know they say twins run in some families, makes you wonder why.
Have a great week-end.

Puss-in-Boots said...

The thought of multiple births makes me shudder. Although I thought it would be nice to have twins. Fortunately for me, it never happened. I suspect reality would outweigh dreams...

Judy said...

I have twin daughters. They are 32 now and they have been a total joy in my life. They live together and are so close. They both date but I don't know if they will ever marry. If they do, they will live close enough to see each other every day. Unless you have twins or grow up with them, you will never understand how close they are. I think they are much closer than regular siblings and get along nearly all the time and are very protective of each other. Mine are identical. A nurse told me once they were really one person that just divided because they both came from the same egg! lol. They were great company for each other growing up and have always been the best of friends. I would not have wanted more than twins though. Great post!

Anonymous said...

Yes, that is the backyard last summer. It was hit just right in that spot and looked good. And I think it does make a nice header for as you said.

Merle said...

Dear Margaret ~~ Interesting article - you come up with some beauties. I only ever gave birth to one son, my other three are adopted as young babies and they and I consider we are definite family. They are a joy in my life. So twins would be manageable
maybe but no more than that at a time.
Thanks for your comments and happily the floods are nearly over, but there is a long time and effort in rebuilding ahead
Glad you liked the Don't Quit and the Cartoon joke. Thanks for visiting my friend. Take care, Love, Merle.

Kathy said...

Hi Margaret, I just discovered your blog when I found your beautiful cards and became intrigued with your post and all the replies. I worry about the children in families who have 10, 13......19 kids one at a time.

Anonymous said...

One baby is hard enough at a time. These people are crazy. I'll stick with my two kids.

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