Saturday, March 26, 2011

Did You Know??

Just some ramblings about different things of interest. I always like to poke around on Google and see what I can find.

1. Richest man is Carlos Slim Helu on Forbes, worth seventy four billion.
2. Richest woman is Christy Walton (inherited from husband)=worth 26.5 million.
3. The number one killer is heart disease.
4. Earth population will reach seven billion in year 2011.
5. Largest continent is Asia, and most of worlds population live there, and they say there is still plenty of room for more people.
6. Amazon River is the largest, it carries more water to the sea than any other river.
7. Nile River in Africa is the longest in the world, it is 4,184 miles long.
8. There are 600 million cars in the world.
9.The sweet potato is one of the best vegetables has vit. C, potassium and fiber.
10. I guess we have to be careful of products with high fructose corn syrup in them.
11. Daylight savings time started during WW1, in order to save energy. In 1966 Congress passed the Uniform Time Act which standerized the length of daylight saving time.
12. The name chocolate is derived from the Nahuatl language in Central Mexico, it may have been influenced by the Mayan language. The Nahuatl word xocolat meaning bitter or sweet.
13. I believe our first gardens were in the Garden of Eden? This made Adam and Eve the first ever gardeners!

If you have an interesting fact, please let us know.


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hey Margaret, I am trying my best to eat more sweet potatoes. Trouble is I like to add a topping of butter, cinnamon and nuts to the top of them. Ha...then I ruin the nutritional value. I have a sweet potato in my potato bowl on the counter that is growing a beautiful sprout. It's about 9" tall now. No water....amazing. And I can't even get things to grown outside in the dirt. Go figure! xo

ancient one said...

Interesting facts, Margaret.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

These are interestng facts Margaret,

Have a lovely week

Kay said...

No kidding? About the sweet potato that is. That's very interesting, and I don't have a single one in the kitchen. I'm going to have to buy some this week.

Anonymous said...

I love sweet potatoes any way you fix them. Just baked in the oven with butter or with all the trimmings. Did not know we had so many cars in the world. Great facts and learned something. Have a great week.

Becky and Gary said...

When a female horse and a male donkey mate, the offspring is called a mule, but when a male horse and a female donkey mate, the offspring is called a hinny. When a male zebra and a female donkey mate the offspring is called a zedonk. All of these resulting offspring are sterile (can't have babies).
BTW I love sweet potatoes!. Interesting facts Margaret.
Have a wonderful week.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Margaret, that sweet potato is still growing like a weed. Just sitting there in a bowl on my kitchen counter. I'll plant it outside in a pot as soon as the outside soil temps. get warmer. And we'll see what happens. xoxo

Patty said...

Can't imagine anyone being worth that much money. I would be happy with half a million. Don't know about where you're at but it's been chilly here all day. Hope the two of you are OK. We're putting along. Thanks for your visits.

Anonymous said...

ha ha never thought of Adam & Eve as gardeners before but it is so true.

Anonymous said...

Nature is the richest in spite of mankind history of taking thousands of things from Nature without putting anything back. I don't think man will last long on this planet inspite of what religious doctrines and Heaven certainly don't want us there as we'd wreck that place in a few years. Hell if that exists might be more to our liking as it would probably be filled with human beings whose history is misery, stealing and lust.

shooting star said...

hmm....some quite interesting facts!!!...
i cannot recall equally interesting facts right now... will post if i do!!

Denise said...

Always fun to come here and see what you have found, and as always a very interesting post. Thanks Margaret.

Ozkatt said...

Isn't Google a wonderful tool to find out useless but fascinating bits of information?

Those are good facts and some of them are not so useless, are they?

Take care...

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