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On September 3, 1777, the US flag was flown for the first time at the Battle of Cooch's Bridge in Delaware. Over the next two centuries, the flag would become one of the most recognizable in the world, and stands today as a symbol for the values of the American people.

The nickname "Old Glory" was coined for the flag in 1831 by Capt. William Driver of Salem, MA. As he set sail on his whaling vessel, the Charles Doggett, he raised the large flag of 24 stars. Seeing it as it caught the ocean breeze, he dubbed it "Old Glory" Capt. Driver's flag survived his sea faring life as well as the Civil War, and now housed by the Smithsonian in Washing, DC.

The exact hues used in the flag have been designated by Congress as "White ", "Old Glory Red" and "Old Glory Blue". They were formally standardized in 1946, and are the colors used in flags produced for use by the US Federal government. The United States Flag Code was devised by a committee of 68 organizations organized by the American Legion in 1923. It was adopted as law by the US Congress in 1942, and dictates proper display and treatment of the flag.

The first version of the Pledge of Allegiance was written by Frances Bellamy, circulating manager of the Boston-based magazine, "The Youth's Companion," in 1892. Bellamy circulated a simple leaflet to schools nationwide with the recitation and requested students repeat it in front of the flag on Columbus Day. That year on Columbus Day (October 12th, 1892), 12 million children said the Pledge of Allegiance.

During World War 1, citizens from across the country sent letters to the Capitol urging that the flag be flown continuously over public buildings in Washington, DC. Since then the flag has been flown 24 hours a day over the White House and many historical land marks.

Flag Day, June 14th, was declared by President Woodrow Wilson in 1916, but the US flag was celebrated in its own right before that. The earliest known reference dates from 1861! Communities across the US mark Flag Day with parades and picnics.

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Yes that flag is very well known. But it's history is not. Thanks for this update.

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Thanks for all the interesting info on our nation's remarkable and special symbol. I have my flag flying proudly and am now happy to know more about it.
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