Thursday, April 30, 2009

2009 swine flu outbreak

My dear friends I am writing this, hoping we may all be safe from this new flu strain. On the news today they showed the states that are most effected by this. I don't know anyone that is not scared every time a new flu breaks out or any other new illinesses. I never like to hear the word epidemic used to describ how bad a flu is.

The 2009 swine flu outbreak is an epidemic that began in April 2009 with a new strain of influenza virus. The new strain is commonly called swine flu, but some authorities object to the name and it is also called Mexican flu, The outbreak is believed to have started in March 2009. Local outbreaks of an influenza-like illness were first detected in three areas of Mexico, but the virus responsible was not clinically identified as a new strain until April 24, 2009. Following the identification, its presence was soon confirmed in various Mexican states and in Mexico City.

Within days, isolated cases (and suspected cases) were identified elsewhere in Mexico, the U.S., and several other Northern Hemisphere countries. The new strain is an apparent reassortment of four strains of influenza A virus subtype HINI. Analysis at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identified the four component strains as one endemic in humans, one endemic in birds, and two endemic in pigs (swine). One swine strain was widespread in the United States, the other in Eurasia.

Recommendations to prevent infection by the virus consist of the standard personal precautions against influenza. This includes frequent washing of hands with soap and water or with alcohol-based hand sanatizers, especially after being out in public. Do not touch the mouth, nose or eyes, as these are primary modes of transmission. When coughing, it is recommended cough into a tissue and disposing of it, then again washing the hands.

This is just a little run down of this terrible strain and some ways to prevent you from catching it. Please my friends take care and be safe. I pray for the whole world in this situation.
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Denise said...

You too Margaret, and all your loved ones. Thanks for this very informative post. It answers some questions I had.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Margaret :)

Very timely post along with advice on how to safeguard ourselves.

Swine flu has become a serious concern all over the world. In India health authorities are taking precautionary measures to prevent the out break of flu here. All tourists coming from the flu affected countries are being closely checked at the airport.

Hope and pray effective measures will be taken to prevent more loss of lives.

Have a nice day Margaret :)

Patty said...

Hope you stay safe also. I think the news media like to hype things up a lot, especially on days when they don't have a lot of news to report.
Here is a good place to get information.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hopefully it won't become a pandemic! Common sense tells one to keep hands away from the face, and wash hands often, or use a hand sanitizer now. I carry my Germ X with me everywhere and use it! :-)

Good reprint, Margaret. Thank you for sharing it. Have a good afternoon.



Thanks Margaret for the information, we have a few confimed cases in the UK. I do hope you and yours keep well.

Thanks for your visit, much appreciated.


Missy said...

Thanks for this information. Hope you stay healthy as well!

A New Beginning said...

You too, its become a big problem and I hope the veryone remains safe from its clutches. Thanks Margaret for such an informative post. I will pray aswell.Take Care

ancient one said...

Yes, Margaret, I hope it is not as bad as they say... hope all your family stays well...

Thanks for coming to see my roses. I never spray or do anything to these roses.. just cut off the dead parts...I have to have flowers that can look after themselves... as I'm very lazy...LOL


Hi Margaret,
Just plain OLD common sense and the good Lord watching over all us will keep us healthy and safe.
Have a good weekend. Thanks for visiting me.
Deb :)

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Margaret, Excellent post but try not to worry too much. The media tends to hype things up a bit. Have a super great weekend. Are you working on your herb garden? :)

Judy said...

Hi Margaret, Thank you for your kind words regarding my niece. This flu thing is scary. I hope they get it under control fast. Thanks for the information. Good post.

Back Through Time said...

I hope we all stay safe too, it is a very scary thing. Great helpful post!

Sassy Kat said...

I hope this flu isn't as bad as the news is reporting. Maybe they are just getting carried away with it with the reports?????
Anyway hope all are safe from this bad thing.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Thank -you so much for this post. The safe gaurds you mentoned will help us all...Hugs...m.

caspersmom said...

I think the media really likes to panic people. Using the word pandemic is outragous. It makes me angry when they do this. Their are
millions and millions of people in the U.S. and there are now probably a thousand who have gotten it. Yes, there will probably be more but I think it's because People cannot stay home when they have it. I am trusting my Lord that I won't get it and if I do I trust him in helping me get over it. Yes, Margaret prayer does help. Thank you for posting this.

Margaret Cloud said...

Thank you for your comments. I am glad that it seems to be calming down a little. Have a great week.

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