Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thought For The Day

I don't usually jot down thoughts for the day, but I really liked this one and wanted to pass it on.

Love knows no limits and true friendships last a lifetime,
get back in touch with someone today,
you'll be glad you did.
God bless you all.


Denise said...

Such a lovely post Margaret, thanks for the wise words. Have a great weekend.

Gramma Ann said...

How about that, lovely quote, and I just got around to visiting and now I will go read about Bubble Gum, one of my favorite things. I hope it still is after I read your post. ;)

ancient one said...

Regarding the salt and the sour apples... wow... did my mouth water when I read those words... thanks for coming by...LOL

I like your quote!

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Margaret:)


Very inspiring and meaningful quote.


Love plays a central role in our lives. We are born out of love, as children we have the love of our parents, as we grow up we want to love a man or woman and get married, as we raise our family we depend on the love of our family members and as we grow old we look upon our children and family to love and take care of us.

People who don't get love do many abominable and atrocious things to get love and attention.

Love has turned many criminals into decent human beings.

Here is another interesting quote which you may like:

"There are only four questions of value in life, Don Octavio:

What is sacred?

Of what is spirit made?

What is worth living for?

What is worth dying for?

The answer to each is only love."

(Don Juan DeMarco (Johnny Depp), in Don Juan DeMarco)

Have a lovely Sunday Margaret:)

A.Marie said...

Good Morning! Great post! I love visiting here, and I'll be back! :)

Patty said...

That's a great thought for the day.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Love the thought for a day Margaret and I think I may just heed it. There's an old friend I need to get in touch with. xo Lynn

MoMo said...

That is a good thought. Thankyou for visiting me. We are a little behind in visiting these days because SS is busy looking for a job and working when she gets one.

Merle said...

Dear Margaret ~~ Like the others, I loved the
thought for the day. Great advice, Thanks for your comments about the Scam with the ducks and the Brick story and the lipstick joke. It helps a lot if you like people who are carers, but they seem to all be nice to take on that work. I get on well with most ppl. Take care my friend.
Love, Merle.

A New Beginning said...

Hey Margaret that a lovely quote:) Thanks for sharing!Friendship indeed is a beautiful feeling!

Zayida said...

Hi Margaret..thats a lovely quote i too like and i believe in!

Have a nice day ahead.:)

Jeanette said...

Gday Margaret..
Lovely "thought for the day" sharing is caring thank you.

Zayida said...

Thankyou come by again.:)

Merle said...

Hi again Margaret ~~ Thanks for your visit and comments. Glad you enjoyed the jokes - the Blue
Cross one and the sheep one. Glad you lol at that one. It was sad that Sam died, just 6 months after the fires. The carers were so upset, and David Tree who is in the picture giving her a drink was very sad and shed a tear.
I am with you, I wouldn't dream of ringing someone just to abuse them. Take care, dear Margaret. Love, Merle.

Linda said...

I'm very big on this (getting back in touch with people). Thanks for the sweet reminder. :)

misty said...

Hello Ms. Margaret, thanks for the visits and comments to all my blogs, greatly appreciate it!

Just a quick visit, its a manic monday now here in our end.. Have a great week!

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