Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Goodbye Dusty

Our Beloved Boy Dusty
Our beloved Dusty (in his prime). He was such a ham.

Our beloved Dusty has winged his way to Rainbow Bridge this morning. His cancer had become so bad it invaded his left kidney, causing it to swell twice its size and his spleen was severely enlarged.

Dusty was born on Halloween 2004, at the Marshal Ferret Farm in New York. He was so small when Sarah purchased him she almost took him and Storm back, but Petco told her she had a ferret before and took very good care of him. A lady that had ferret shows at Petco told her to purchase some baby food, it was turkey with gravy and give it to them plus their regular food, this worked wonders.

Turkey Boy
His favorite food was Gerber's turkey! And he always cleaned his plate.

Dusty was a very nice and lovable guy, he lost his brother a few years ago to the same thing. Sarah purchase Logan about a year and three months ago to be buddies with Dusty and he tolerated him but never really played with him.

Curious Dusty
Dusty had a thing for people's shoes.

Dusty in the Bag
And he loved to play in plastic bags, too.

Dusty in the Morning
Dusty wasn't too active until he had his coffee.

Dusty Approved
Everything that came into our house had to be Dusty approved.

Sarah, about a week ago purchased Gibson to play with Logan and this has worked out fine. Dusty on the other hand did not like Gibson and would chew on his neck. I think Dusty only did this because he did not feel well. We called Dusty "The Grumpier Old Man".

The vet kept Dusty and put him in the freezer at her clinic, we will go and pick him up in the Spring to bury him beside his pal Storm and Skippy. Speaking of those two, I can only imagine what a reunion there must of been today when they saw Dusty coming, they probly are still chasing one another.

Little Squirt
Little Squirt playing with his stash of bottles.

Goodbye old friend it has been a wonderful five years, we love you and will never forget you, we have such fond memories captured on video and photos. Later I am going to do a post on Logan and Gibson we will include pictures of all three of the ferrets. Dusty might have been a ferret but he was a member of our family, he received the best of care and lots of hugs and kisses.


Doug Cloud said...

Dusty was one in a million, as ferrets go, and we have lots of photos of the little guy and our own memories of him. He brought a bright spark into our lives and made us laugh and always entertained us with his rascally ways. I will always have fond thoughts of Dusty and how he always jumped and jerked around like a little maniac (sometimes biting his own rump). He was such a boy!

Goodbye, my friend, you will be forever missed.

Gramma Ann said...

I'm sorry to hear about your little Dusty. Pets are so much fun to have around, with their little antics. They seem to be able to put a smile on everyones face.

Tea said...

Aw Margaret, I'm very sorry to hear this.
He sure was a cutie, and I know he was well-loved.


Oh Margaret I am so sorry, losing a pet is so heartbreaking, having lost pets in the past how well I know the feeling.He gave you tremendous pleasure so you must have some wonderful memories to cherish.

Take care,

Hootin' Anni said...

Awwwwwwww, how sad!! What a beautiful friend too. You had many happy memories made with Dusty tho!!!

Thanks so much for your visit today and your birthday wishes for me! Much, much appreciated.

Have a super week ahead!!

Patty said...

Dear Margaret, I am so sorry to hear of Dusty's passing. Any pet we have becomes part of the family.

My one niece's son had two rats, he then went off to college, and she had to clean, feed and take care of them. One got sick and he finally died, she said she cried over it harder than when they lost their dog.

We will be waiting to see some photos of your ferrets. Is cancer something ferret's seem to get more than some other diseases? Again, so sorry.
Your friend, Patty


Hi Margaret,
I am so sorry about Dusty! What a little cutie!
Take care.
Deb :)

Denise said...

Hello Margaret, So very sorry to hear about Dusty. Never easy to lose a beloved pet I know. He sure was a cute little thing. I know nothing about ferrets other than that I love the look of them and understand they have lovely personalities.

Judy said...

So sorry to hear about your pet, Dusty. I love that poem about Rainbow Bridge and am sure he is having lots of fun with his old friends there. Dusty was so cute. I know you will miss him a lot. Thinking of you.

Sabrina, Sam and Simon said...

Margaret, we haven't visited in forever and decided to stop by today, and we were so, so sad to learn that Dusty ventured on to the Bridge. He sure was a cutie, and we know how much you must miss him. We are sending many, many hugs, purrs and headbutts to you ...
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
(Formerly The St. Louis Meezers)

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, so sorry to read about your little Dusty's passing. As others have said, pets are a part of the family, and it's always sad to lose them. I know Dusty will live on in your heart and memory.



Becky and Gary said...

How sad Margaret. I know how it is to lose one of your best pet friends. It really is like losing one of the family. Dusty and his pals are already having fun running around and feeling just great.
You gave him a wonderful life, and have some memorable pictures.
Take care.

A New Beginning said...

I'm sorry to hear that dear Margaret, even I recently lost my parrot who was a member of our family since many years. Animals are so lovings that one is bound to get attached to them.
Dusty must be proud of his owner, coz you're a very loving soul. God Bless you!
Take care!

Babli said...

Dusty was very sweet and I can feel very well how sad it is to live without a loving pet as they are considered part of the family. I know its hard to live without Dusty but you are having all his loving memories and cute pictures by which you can remember Dusty everyday. Take care.

Linda said...

Dear Margaret,
I'm so very sorry about the passing of your dear sweet little friend. Sending you a hug and prayers.


caspersmom said...

We are so sorry hearing about the passing of your sweet Dusty. He was a cute furry friend and it's always so hard loosing them. By his pictures he looks like he was a delight to love. Purrs and prayers for you Margaret and Charles also. Doug too.

Casper,Patches, Cleo and Mom too!

Midlife Mom said...

I am so sorry to hear of your loss of Dusty. Being a ferret person myself I know how they can just scamper right into your heart and never leave. I enjoyed each picture of him, he looked so much like my Tinkerbelle! I still miss my three, they all lived to about 8 years of age but then cancer took them. Some day I am going to have some more, I look at them every time I go into the pet store. I will be looking forward to the pictures that you are going to post of your other ones.

Merle said...

Dear Margaret ~ My sympathy on the
loss of Dusty. Pets do mean such a lot to us, especially ones we have
had for a few years.
At least you still have the other two to love and care for.
Take care, Love, Merle.

kanishk said...

I can only imagine what a reunion there must of been today when they saw Dusty coming, they probly are still chasing one another.
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Beth Niquette said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I still miss my animal friends from over the years.


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