Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pet Peeves

I thought we could all become annoyed for the day, so sit back and read just a few., and feel free to add your own.

1. Drivers who don't use turn signals.
2. People that drink right out of milk/orange containers.
3. Going through a drive up, than having to go back when they mess up the order.
4. People that are mean to animals.
5. People that interrupt you while talking or telling a story.
6. Drivers that won't turn right on red.
7. When ice cream drips out of the bottom of your cone.
8. Drivers that ride to close to your bumper.
9. Drivers that take up two parking spaces.
10. People that invite you out and then cancel.
11. Women that wear too much perfume.
12. When you can't tell if someone is male or female.
13. When peeling a hard boiled egg and it seems impossible.
14. People that throw cigarette butts on the beach.
15. No toilet paper in a public bathroom.
16. People that leave their children in the cars while they run into the store.
17. People who always have to be right and have the last word.
18. Fax machines that call my home number.
19. People that blow their horn the moment the light turns green.
20. When you meet someone and can't remember their name by end of conversation.

I could go on and on, but this will do. I am sure you my friends will add a few of you own. Hope you are all having a nice day, and I would like to wish all my friends a Happy Valentines Day/


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

No. 19. I hate that. At least give me five seconds to get going.

My pet peeve- at least one of them-
People that saunter across a crosswalk when you have stopped to let them go by.

Doug Cloud said...

Mom, this is a great post. Made me laugh. Here's some of my pet peeves...

1. DVDs that have no English subtitles.

2. Can openers that don't open cans.

3. Products in hard plastic containers that you need Superman to help you open.

4. People who have animals but never take care of them.

5. People who purposely try to run over animals on the road.

6. People who throw garbage out of their cars. Steve Martin once said, "I have a garbage bag in my car and I love it - if it gets full I just toss it out the window." He meant it as a joke, but it seems that's most people's mentality.

7. When you fall in love with a certain product and the next day they discontinue it.

8. Socks that are as thin as paper.

9. People who have their face plastered to a cell phone while driving.

10. People who let their kids run around like little maniacs in the store.

Well, that's it for me ... for now :)


Great post Margaret here are a few of my pet peeves:

1:People who can't say a good word about anyone.
2:Having to arrive at the airport hours before the flight.
3:Watching a commercial on TV about using anti wrinkle cream ...the model is young and has no wrinkles anyway.
I too can go on but I better shut up.
Have a grand day.

kavita said...

An interesting list .Well my pet peeves are
1.People not smiling back when you smile at them.
2.Guests arriving late for no valid reason.
3.Extra long conversations over the phone.
4.Borrowing books and never returning them back.

Thanks for your kind visit and your words of encouragement.Have a nice weekend.

A New Beginning said...

A very happy valentines day to you too! Thanks for the wonderful post :)

Linda said...

When I started to read your post, I thought - oh no, what if I do some of these pet peeves. Unfortunately, there are a couple that I've been guilty of, but I realize my faults are many and thankfully God's grace and forgiveness is endless. I know that I've annoyed people many times, whereas they have also annoyed me! :D

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend ♥

Blessings always,

Gramma Ann said...

Fun post today.
One of my pet peeves is people who are HABITUALLY LATE. Now I understand that there are things that happen, and once in a while we run late, but these are people that no matter what time they are to be somewhere, they are ALWAYS LATE. As if their time is more precious then mine.

There now I got that said I will get down off my soapbox for another day.

Babli said...

Oh! what a lovely and interesting post. Even I have also some pet peeves like people are unpunctual and also give lame excuses which I come across in my office.
Absolutely brilliant post as well as funny.

Becky and Gary said...

I can go right along with all of these Margaret.
I hate people who park in the Handicap spot and just run in the store for a minute.
Stores that advertise they lower their prices, and the next week, the price is higher yet.
I could go on, but we can all think of so many things that irritate us. I try to just be happy and overlook most of it.
Have a wonderful day.

Kathleen said...

Margaret, thanks for this hilarious and timely post! Smelly toilets are the worst for me. Do we just assume that the toilet will stink, so we help it right along by (you men out there) by not hitting the target? Cripes! If your aim is bad, sit down! You can hit a closer target much easier!

Patty said...

Cars that come flying up to their stop sign, you have the right away and almost have a heart attack thinking they are going to pull out in front of you.

Doctors that run behind and leave you sitting in an examining room for an hour before they even come in. And then precedes to ask you the same questions the nurse did she she wrote them down.

Kids screaming all through a grocery store while shopping with their mothers. The Mother should realize two things, they are tired and they are hungry, set their butt in the cart, and open a box of cereal or crackers you are buying and let them eat a little something.

Love your list, everything on it, is the way I also fell.

Merle said...

Dear Margaret ~~ Great post as usual and I agree with most of your rants and I don't like queue jumpers either. Or people who say they will call, but don't.

Thank you so much dear Margaret
for your kind words and prayers on my behalf. I am hoping the tablet will do the trick.
I am glad you liked "I Wrote Your Name" and some jokes. Take care
my friend and I will keep posting
details. Thank you again, Love, Merle.

kanishk said...

Love your list, everything on it, is the way I also fell.

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Chandrika Shubham said...

I enjoyed reading it. :) Option No. 4, 5 and 7 is what I also hate.

Best wishes. :)

Judy said...

Great post. I did one like this back in 2008. I hate people who tailgate, whiners, people who don't use pooper scoopers and let their pets go in my yard, poor table manners, and people who get in the 10 item lane at the grocery with more than 10 items. I'm sure there are more. lol. Have a great Valentine's Day.

Puss-in-Boots said...

People who leave their children in the care are prosecuted over here. It gets so hot that children have it's against the law. Good thing too. The same goes for leaving dogs in the car. It's not illegal yet, but there are warnings on radio and TV every day and yet brainless idiots still do it. I guess that comes under the cruelty to animals pet peeve.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

I totally agree with EVERYTHING on your list. Especially 4, 11 and 14... that can be all wrapped up as inconsiderate, mean and uncaring people!
All of which you are NOT!
Have a lovely day... :-)

Kay said...

I also agree with you on all of those! The turn signal thing really drives my husband crazy.

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