Thursday, January 21, 2010

Modern Day Marcus Welby

Doctors Bag

I was wondering why doctors don't make house calls anymore. I found this great article that explains why some do and the reason house calls stopped in the 1970s. This is a great article about the reasons why it is coming back.

Some still think this is a era that has gone, but I found out that it is very much alive and kicking. I was reading in the Journal of American Medical Association, while I was waiting in my doctors office and it stated house calls to Medicare patients rose about 40 percent from 1998 to 2004. According to U.S. Census that about 12 percent of the population is 65 and over.

Still most people visit the doctor at his office.Technology has a lot to do with the doctors keeping track of their patients,in this day of computers you can email information back and forth. I think the reason doctors do not do more advertising because their office would be empty. We all know that the insurance companies and Medicare are the boss when it comes to saying what is up with your medical care, this means they can say who they pay and what they will pay.

I can remember when we were kids and the doctor came to the house, I even was given a complete exam and if you had mumps, measles or chicken pocks they put a quarantined sign on your house. I am glad the doctors are finally reviving this old practice.


Becky and Gary said...

I didn't realize this was going on again. I think it's a great idea, and what better chance to have a one on one with your Dr.
I remember a quarentine sign on my house when I had the measles, and I had to stay in the dark for a few days.

Merle said...

Dear Margaret ~~ I am glad to hear
that this old tradition is coming back. The doctors were wonderful
when my kids were young, coming to the house. I very nearly lost my youngest daughter, but due to their care, she is terrific now.
Another great post Margaret. Glad
you liked the story Barbara sent
and the joke about the driver
winning money. Take care, my friend. Love, Merle.

Kay said...

Goodness I'll believe it when I see it. I've never seen a doctor come to a house, ever... unless they were related.

I imagine it would be hard for them to carry around all the equipment they need to have these days.

Zeinobia said...

Dear Mrs. Cloud , it is universal thing now , even in Egypt doctors do not make house calls except very few for high fees !! Old school doctors still keep the practice thought


Hi Margaret just arrived home, It's hard to get an appointment with our doctor when you feel ill let alone a house call.
I have come home with a nasty cold and as I'm prone to chest infections asked if I could see a doctor......answer yes 2 week time.
Loved the most enlightening blog.

Tea said...

Now that is really good news! We do NOT like going to the hospital or doctor's office, It just makes sense that where there are so many sick people together it's more than likely that you'll get more germs just from being there.

Gramma Ann said...

My guess is, if a doctor makes housecalls, it would be because the patient is bedridden and can't make a call at the office. It isn't happening in my neck of the woods, yet. But, like you, I remember when doctors did make housecalls.

Interesting post today.

A New Beginning said...

Its great when good things are revived :)
Have a great weekend and thanks for the lovely post!

Judy said...

I remember the doctor coming to the house when we were kids, too. He always had a sucker for us in his bag. My dad thought chicken noodle soup and ice cream would cure anything so he did not get called to our place very often. Great post. Loved it.

Patty said...

It would make sense to go to the house of a really sick patient, rather than have that patient compatiente to the office and infect everyone around them. But think how much more the doctor would charge because it would take him longer and he would have gasoline to consider. Have a great Sunday, suppose to warm up tomorrow to around 50. This evening temp says 47, but the house feels just as cold as if it were 15 out there.

Merle said...

Hi again Margaret - I can just
picture you running off and all the kids after you - so funny.
I have given you an award, so pop over and get it my friend.
Take care, Love, Merle.

Linda said...

I didn't know this was happening again - thanks for the interesting information, as always!

I don't remember a doctor ever coming to our house, but I do have a wonderful doctor who I saw this week - I knew him when he was a medical student as my boss was his advisor. He's a gynecologist and the most caring person - I asked him if he would send me the printout of my blood test results and they arrived in the mail 1 day after I took them (talk about FAST!) with his personal note that went through all of the results. I'm a picture of health apparently - best doctors visit in years.

Hope you have a wonderful new week.
Love, Linda

Lorie Shewbridge said...

We have a wonderful family practitioner in our home town here that will go to the home of some of his elderly patients who are at home dying and don't want to be in the hospital, and just too sick to go to the office. He has given up his weekends and evenings to be with these patients and their families. His wife is wonderful also in that she totally understands and the whole town knows both of them and most of us love them both. It reminds me of the town doc in "Little House on the Prairie".

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