Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Header Design for Old Digger

Old Digger Header

Hi everyone, this is Doug Cloud—son of Old Digger. My mom thought it was time for something different so she asked me to make a new header for her blog. The idea for this design came from a photo of an old specimen card by Tony Worrall.

I found this card while Googling around for old letterheads. I sometimes like to challenge myself to see if I can recreate one of this antique beauties. Here is my own design of Tony's card. I made the ornate shapes in Illustrator and then finished the design in Photoshop.

Tony was kind enough to give his permission so I could use parts of the Moorbrook Mill design to make my mom's new header. I added a few extra details, tweaked some things, and had to resize the design to fit on the blog, but overall it turned out pretty good.

I would like to extend a special offer to all the nice ladies that visit Old Digger and brighten up my mom's day with your wonderful comments. If there are any of you who need help with your blogs or would like your very own header design just let me know.

Special rates are only for subscribers to Old Digger so if you're interested then just mention that you're a subscriber when you fill out my design inquiry form.

Thank you.


Linda said...

The header looks GREAT!! Talented work. :)

A.Marie said...

Oops...I'm not sure if I hit the right button to submit my comment!

I commented that I love your new blog header and I would love a new header...problem is, I don't know what I want!!!


Zeinobia said...

It is beautiful :)


Hi Maragret,
Your new banner is perfect...tell Doug I said so!!! I love the old bottles and the "age to prefection".
Deb :)

Linda said...

I'm new to your blog so this is the only header I've known. It looks very nice. I have opened your blog on two computers in my house and saw the same problem on both.

The header is great but you have overlapping text over part of it. Probably a small adjustment would do the trick.

I look forward to reading your blog in the future.

Margaret Cloud said...

I don't see any overlapping text on any of my browsers, but I added 'display: none;' in the code for the header. Let me know if that helps.

caspersmom said...

A very good job Doug. What Linda is trying to say is; the header for the topic: New Header Design for Old Digger is overlapping up in the space where the date and home,family pictures and so on is. It is still there. Don't know if you can see it when you are on your blog but we do. Hope that helps a bit.

Doug Cloud said...

Everything looks fine for me and my mom. We both have different monitors, too. What size monitor and resolution are you running? Maybe you have some settings set wrong somewhere.

Becky and Gary said...

Wow, you have my approval. I like it!
Pretty cool to have a son that can do things like this for you.

chubskulit said...

The age to perfection is just awesome. Your son is a very good tweaker Ms. Margaret.

Merle said...

Hi Doug ~~ The new header looks great. Thank you for helping your
Mother. Regards, Merle.

Serenity said...

I love it! I too see the overlapping but it will not affect my ability to read these wonderful words and yes Doug, it's probably my pc. :o)
It's wonderful!

Patty said...

Like the new header and I bet Mom does to.

A New Beginning said...

Hi Doug,
Its great to know the talented Cloud Family :) The design is real cool and I liked the words, aged to perfection :)
A compliment to Margarets'great writing skills!
All the very best to you and your family!!

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Looks terrific... what a terrific son you are!

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