Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Life In A Nut Shell"

When we were young , things seem so carefree and day's went on forever. We played all day and when night came we were bathed, a story was told (we never had story books). this was the good made up ones. Later when we learned to read in school, we could buy a few comic books. Comic books was a big thing as we approached the age of ten years old (1943). The thing was, we would buy a couple comics and then went around the neighborhood and traded. So by the time we had traded several times we read at least ten comic books and had only bought two and ended up with two different ones, what a life, we thought. Did we ever think these were precious years, never to be again? No, and why should we, you don't worry about the world, we only worried about what we were getting for our birthday or Christmas.

The teen years, between 13 and 19 years, did seem to fly by. We were so engrossed in school, make up, boys and the change that our bodies were going through. We made many new friends through those years and lost some. In these days "Rock & Roll", came into its own and the dances to this music was heavenly. Some teens were fortunate to attend the "icons" of this musics concerts. Even today these legends are still revered by us old folks. School days, I think, are not the same and why should they be, life is so different for kids now a days.

As we graduated from high school, life changed once more for us. Some entered the work force, went to college, joined the arm forces and even got married and had children. Life was never the same but for the most part was not that bad. We lived, we died and the rest of us past into old age.

I just felt like rambling on and I am going to blame this darn heat for it. Hope your summer is going great, be careful in this heat, don't over exert yourself.



kavita said...

Heat and humidity is bad here too .Hoping for some rains today .Wish you a pleasant weather :):)

Kay said...

I hope you get some cool weather soon too. I wish I could send you some of ours. Your post made me nostalgic too. I started seeing my life in flashbacks. We grew up so far away but we had such similar experiences.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

So far Margaret this is our second nice day of the summer, I enjoyed your "Rabblings" it's so true when young life seems so different, How the different stages of our lives changes us as people amazes me. Let's be glad we're here to see our grandchildren grow up, (well I only see one out of my four) but he is a joy.

Hope you're both well
Take care.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how we coped with heat and humidity back in the day? We had no air unless it blew in through an opened window. We didn't even have an electric fan and no television but we did get a Crosley radio to tune in Edward R. Murrow reporting from London, during the blitz and Lowell Thomas for the news. Those were the days when old newspaper was place on the springs and the mattress on top of that to keep the cold out. The pots always froze so I don't know if it worked or not as we never personally froze.

Becky said...

Ramble on Margaret. I am always interested in everything you write about. You have great wisdom. I sure can relate with this post too.

Linda said...

Yes, dear Margaret, it's been a long, hot, dry summer. I love the things you write about. Hope you're staying cool inside and staying well. ♥

dr.antony said...

Hi Margaret,
I was held up at work, and was all confusion with a change of job.
I remember,small things used to make us happy as children. My grandson now asks for dvd player to play his movies and robots,nothing less.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I really and truly don't think the teenagers today have as much fun as we had in high school...sock hops, bon fires, more dances than just the proms, drug stores to go to after school for a coke. I could go on and on.

Patty said...

Margaret, that's not rambling on. That's reminiscing. and I know what you are talking about. I lived through those same years. Yes as small children it seemed the days were so long, and even longer between birthdays and Christmas. although I can honestly say, I don't remember any birthday gifts, except a cake. Of course at Christmas we always had something to look forward to. Those days are gone and we'll never get them back, but we do have the memories, good and bad. Our grandchildren having grown up with so many electronic devices to play with have no idea what going outside and playing games with the neighborhood kids might have been liked. And that's sad. They have no idea what it was like getting the milk left on the front door step and the cold had frozen the cream and popped the top partly off, and we got to each have a spoonful of it. So many things they will never know or understand. But then I guess in their own way, they will have memories and one day can also reminisce about their childhood. Happy reminiscing.

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