Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Will You Remember Me

Rosanne Cash, born May 24, 1955, in Memphis, Tennessee, she has three younger sisters. Her father is the famous country singer Johnny Cash. Rosanne wrote this song for her step-mom June Carter Cash (Johnny Cash's second wife), it is titled "Will You Remember Me".

Will you remember me, like the circle of stones,
On the ancient hills where you walk alone?
Where the wind can speak my secret name,
Like the air you breathe, will you remember me.
Will you remember me as your airplane flies?
Over foreign seas and breaking skies-
Like a perfect child you can't bear to leave,
In your last long days, will you remember me?
Will you remember me on the edge of life,
Where time runs slow; where song can fly
In these shuttered rooms, where we say goodbye,
When the soul is free, will you remember me?
When there's no need to breathe, will you remember me?

Rosanne wrote this song after June and Johnny passed away. June died May, 2003 and Johnny passed away same year on Sept., 2003. Both their family's are still involved in music. I might note that June and Johnny's home burned to the ground in 2007. They lived in it for 35 years and sill lived in it when they passed away and they wrote most of their music from there.


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Wonderf lyrics for a song, I saw much of Johnny and Junes membrobelia at the Nashville Hall Of Fame when I visited Nashville. Sorry their house burned down. What memories that house must have held.


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

One of their in laws came into the shop one day. Sold us some gorgeous furniture pieces. I never knew they died the same year. How interesting Margaret. Hope you have had a nice Labor Day weekend. xo

Linda said...

Beautiful lyrics. I am a fan of this family and their music and it makes me sad that Johnny and June are gone.

Hope you have a blessed new week,

caspersmom said...

What beautiful lyrics. What a nice way to honor June and Johnny Cash. I read his biography years ago. Guess I should read it again.

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